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At the end of each course we ask attendees to let us know what they thought of the content and teaching.  This is what they said:

Monday 1st October 2012

"All Excellent"

[Teachers were] "so good, they don't even have the traditional arrogance you would expect".

"Excellent, brought me from the dark into the light".

"Good variety and excellent quality".

"Good focus on topics. Very good chance for all of us to examine different candidates".

"Every body was brilliant, very good range of styles".

[History & Ethics evening] "Very good and comprehensive lecture, really useful".

[Teachers were] "Approachable also knowledgeable and  friendly".

Thursday 26th January 2012

"Fantastic" "Great supportive teachers".

"Teachers very approachable and informative".

"Very engaging, good teachers and handouts".

"Very interesting".


"Very good rang of cases".

"Everything was very appropriate".

Monday 19th September 2011

"Just wanted to say I attended the Hammersmith course 6th June-9th June, and I passed first time, 166/172 marks. As an EM trainee, working in paeds, the course was invaluable, and the exam technique taught on the course was excellent. The tutors were supportive, yet challenging, and for all stations I felt more confident, particularly good for station 5. Thank you!!! Plus great value!!"

Monday 27th July 2009

"I have just found out that I have passed the PACES course after multiple attempts."

"I would like to share this delighted news with the Hammersmith PACES course organisers as I attended the course two weeks prior to my PACES exam. I felt slightly embarrased as I have came across some of the mentors at the course as I have attended different courses in London for my previous attempts but I told myself that I have to come out of this negative thinking and start from scratch again.

"The selection of the cases were at PACES level and the mentoring from all the lecturers was superb. The tips given by the mentors during the course have helped me to work out the diagnosis from basic analysis of physical signs. I thoroughly enjoyed the course from the start until the end and learned from my mistakes especially in terms of presentation skill, history taking and communication skills station. The group teaching had also enabled me to learn from my colleages' mistakes in terms of physical examination and presentation skill.

"The lecture given by Professor Karim at the end of the course had cleared most of my confusion for the history taking and communication skills station. I hoped that God will bless all of you and best wishes from myself so that you guys can carry on with the good work that helped many of us passed this horrible and daunting PACES exam. Last but not least, many thanks once again.

Kind regards

Yours sincerely,
Attendee, PACES, June 2009

Thursday 25th October 2007

"V. professional, knowledgeable & tough!! All very good teachers."

"Good pathology. Useful to have numerous cardiac cases. [The History & Ethics evening was a] very useful wake-up call!!"

"Good course overall - would recommend to my colleagues!"

"Good [teachers]. Good [short case quality]. Very helpful."

"Very good cases and History & Ethics evening."

"Very good throughout."

"Very good teachers and History & Ethics evening."

"Excellent selection of cases. All stations covered."

[Teachers and short cases were] excellent. Good to see such a large number of cases. Really excellent course.

Good teachers. Good cases - relevant.

Excellent, really good advice and teaching. Excellent [short cases] - all very good. Good [History & Ethics] practice and advice. V. well organised, excellent teachers and cases. Could only advise more evenings!! Very very good, will recommend.

All very good [teachers] - maintained good enthusiasm for teaching throughout the long evening. Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I liked the fact that all had different styles. V. good [short cases]. Some so rare, had to be seen to be believed! Good [History & Ethics evening].

Excellent, friendly & approachable. Extremely knowledgeable. Fantastic breadth of cases (notably Lawrence-Moon-Biedl + Pseudohypoparathyroidism). Range of murmurs excellent too.

Generally enthusiastic [teachers]. Good range of styles. Good range [of short cases] - good to see some of the more unusual stuff. Appropriately patient patients!! Nice range of [History & Ethics] scenarios.

All v. good [teachers]. V. good/excellent [short cases]. Good to practice [History & Ethics].

All very good [teachers]. Good [History & Ethics] scenarios.v

Good [teachers]. Very good [short cases]. Very good [History & Ethics evening].

[History & Ethics] Was very helpful & useful in practice.

Very good teachers. Good cases.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and found it v. helpful. All the tutors were good, understanding and able to teach clearly. Good courses. Very helpful [History & Ethics evening]. V. good course!

The tutors were excellent - really helpful and honest. Really good variety of cases.

Excellent [teachers]. Very good [short cases].

Generally excellent teachers. Good range of cases. Very informative [History of Ethics evening].

Excellent, thorough [teachers].

Very good discussions. Very good [short cases]. Very good [History & Ethics evening]. Happy we've discussed it later during the lecture as not much time in between stations.

[Teachers were] On the whole good. Very good [short cases].

Very good [teachers]. Very good [short cases].

Good [teachers]. Good mixture [of short cases]. Good variety of [History & Ethics] cases. Thank you!

Very good [teachers]. Good [short cases]. V. useful [History & Ethics evening].

Good [teachers]. Very knowledgeable. Understanding of errors! Impressed by Antonia who remembered all the names. Good quality [short cases]. Impressive breadth. Good [History & Ethics evening]. Seems thorough.

Thursday 18th October 2007

I am delighted to inform you that I have passed my MRCP PACES. I did your 4 evening course in early October [2007]. I wish to thank you for the excellent course.

Very good helpful [teachers].

Excellent PACES course. Good patient mix.

Short cases very relevant to exam.

Appropriate scenarios [in History & Ethics evening]. Very satisfied.

Good quality of short cases.

Good cases.

Generally very good.

Excellent [short cases].

Good cases in general.

Good varied cases.

Good exposure [on History & Ethics evening].

[Teachers were] All very enthusiastic. Good pointers.

[History & Ethics evening] Excellent for practise!! Good opportunity to get feedback from teachers. Good lecture.

[Teachers were] All excellent.

[Teachers were] Great!

Ethics lecture was v. good!

[Teachers were] Generally very good. Some were exceptionally good throughout the course. The best PACES preparation I have attended! Was very impressed in how up to date teachers were! (esp. Ethics).

Very good selection [of short cases].

Particularly liked teachers who went thru salient points & summarized teaching points.

Lots of interesting cases.

Very good [teachers]. Keen to teach.

Teachers v. good all gave good tips & different views of PACES.

Short cases were good.

[Teachers and cases were] Generally v. good.

[Teachers were] Exceptionally good and friendly all SPRs & consultants.

Interesting, obliging patients. Good selection.

[History & Ethics evening was] Informative and helpful.

Good signs. Good range of [short] cases.

Good arrangement [in History & Ethics evening]. Everyone gets to do one History and one Comms & Ethics case.

[Re Teachers] Good attitude. Positive.

[Short cases were ] Excellent, varied, showed good clinical signs.

Very good [teachers] and they are encouraging & good positive feedback.

Very good [History & Ethics evening] and good feedback.

Excellent [teachers]. Very knowledgeable.

Most [short cases] were excellent.

Excellent [quality of teachers]. All teachers appeared knowledgeable, interested and taught well.

Excellent [teachers, short cases and History and Ethics evening].

Good mix [of short cases].

Very good cases and teaching.

I was very impressed. Well done.

Thursday 19th October 2006

Well organised. Liked small groups a lot.

Very good [quality of teachers].

Excellent [quality of teachers].

Very good and enthusiastic [teachers].

Generally excellent [teachers].

Good teachers, friendly, but also good at being intimidating examiners.

Better than [censored]'s course!

Excellent cases.

Very good and friendly [teachers].

[Teachers] all very enthusiastic, which helps.

Keep up the good work.

Very good overall.

Very good quality.

Excellent [teachers].

V. good teachers, enthusiastic, keen.

Very helpful [teachers].

Helpful [teachers]. Keen to teach. Useful tips.

Good, approachable [teachers].

Good teachers with nice teaching skills.

V. v. good [short case quality].

Very good presentations and explanantions. Found it very helpful.
Thursday 20th October 2005

The course and scenarios were very helpful. Just like the ones I got in the exam. (I passed).

This course is by far the best course for PACES. I passed my exam at first attempt. Thank you.

Felt well prepared.

Very useful and the type of session that came up in my exam.

Excellent preparation.

The course was excellent and helped me pass without any doubt.

Very helpful! Thank you! I passed!

The lecture was great. Really helpful to hear what the common scenarios are, and to run through the guidleines. I passed! Thank you!!

We are always grateful for feedback on our courses.

We rely on it to ensure our courses continually improve.

If sending a review, please give the dates of the course you attended.  The more specific your feedback, the easier it is for us to take the appropriate action.

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