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The National Recruitment Office for GP Training.



"This course has certainly increased my chances of passing. It has helped condense so much learning into a short time and I have achieved more with you in a day than I could possibly have achieved alone."

"Excellent excellent course – I feel it addressed everything that could come up in the exam."

"This course was amazing! I feel much more confident now. Wish me luck!"

"I would definitely recommend this course. The format is excellent with a perfect balance between the knowledge and situational judgement papers."

"A really well organized and focused course – thank you."

"This was an incredibly useful revision course and the handbook looks excellent. Many thanks for your help."

"This course really helped me to know the right way to study and prepare for the exam. It covered all of the important topics. I would definitely recommend it."

"A very good and well taught course, focusing on all of the subjects that are challenging or long forgotten."

"I think this course has given me an excellent foundation to build on. Presenters had excellent knowledge."

"An excellent course – so much information!. The situational judgement tutorials and mock examinations were particularly helpful."

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