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"The practice under as close as possible exam conditions was completely brilliant!"

"Professionally run, friendly, approachable and helpful facilitators."

"The simulated scenarios were informative and provided a very interactive method of learning"

"Very realistic and challenging scenarios. It removed the element of surprise to a high degree. 4/5 candidates in one group was great!"

"Cannot think of anything to improve the course"

"I am optimistic now I have made errors in the exercises that I won't repeat it in the exam"

"I particularly liked the individual feedback. The course was excellent and really improved confidence. Efficiently run"

"I particularly liked the small group practice of scenarios and the mock exam with marking and feedback. I have no suggestions for improvement"

"This course was excellent! I wouldn't have had any idea of the upcoming exam without it. I got useful advice and tips and important points were provided throughout"

"I want to point out how excellent the tutor was - very helpful and thorough assessments the whole day. They provided lots of useful feedback.I think I've leaned a lot not only for the GP exam but also for my daily practice"

"Really excellent practice sessions"

"Very well structured course. The simulated exercises were great with very good actors"

"This course helped me establish what the examiners are looking for and how best to approach the questions. I particularly liked the actors and clinical scenarios. The mock exam was also excellent in forcing time limit considerations"

"This course will definitely help me. It made expectations clear and demonstrated how to stand apart. I particularly liked the time written with feedback and one-to-one feedback".

"The course was spot on. Thanks"

"Excellent personalised feedback, good actors, encouraging tutors"

"Well structured course with very good content which was well explained. I particularly liked the approachability of tutors."

"I liked that we all got to practice each scenario independently with plenty of time for feedback. Thank you very much"

"Very useful course. Highly informative. Good ratio of examiners:students"

"I liked the tips for the written prioritisation which will give me more confidence in my performance. The course was well run and very useful"

"The course has given me a structure to work with. Helpful feedback during group sessions"

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