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The Hammersmith Medicine GP Recruitment Stage 3 Course is run by GPs who have been through the GP Selection Centre themselves and who have amassed valuable tips on how to pass the GPST / GPVTS interview. Formerly at Hammersmith Hospital, it is now held in our modern centre in Kingston, London.


No courses are scheduled for GP Stage 3 at the moment.

If you book on our GP Stage 3 course and are unsuccessful at GP Stage 2 please send us a copy of your GP recruitment email so that we can refund you less £20 to cover admin costs and bank charges.


Reasons to choose the Hammersmith Medicine GPVTS / GPST Interview course

We are the ONLY course
where you personally get to role play 3 cases each with an experienced tutor giving you feedback throughout. You will watch a total of 15 cases in your small groups and will be shown videos and live role plays (demonstrated by our tutors) throughout the day in addition. We are also the only course where your mock written exercise is individually marked. 100% of our delegates would recommend us to a friend!

Candidates who have already come on this course have given us
AMAZING feedback

SMALL GROUPS - The entire afternoon (4 hours) is spent in a group of a MAXIMUM OF 5 CANDIDATES with your own experienced tutor and a range of actors/ actresses. This means we GUARANTEE that each candidate will practice AT LEAST 3 ROLE-PLAY SCENARIOS.

MOCK WRITTEN EXAMINATION - After a lecture teaching you what is needed and how to incorporate every part of the marking scheme into your answers you will sit a timed 30-minute mock exercise. We mark these individually over lunch and give you written feedback.

PERFECT VENUE - The course is held in our own Health Centre in Kingston upon Thames, London. It is smart, purpose-built and air conditioned. It's only a 5 minute walk from the rail station and is next door to a car park. Unlike other courses all the small groups have their own consultation room. This allows us to run the scenarios exactly as they are in the selection centre.


KEY COMPETENCIES - We will not only tell you what the key competencies are but show you how to apply them at the GP selection centre.

It has been fantastic to see those that have already attended the course improving and gaining confidence throughout the day. We have been through the process ourselves and know how important it is to score highly to get both your first choice deanery and first choice rotation.


Thank you for organising another fantastic course this year I really enjoyed it! I just wanted to tell you that I was successful this year in the East of England deanery and got my first choice! I also was delivered your book on stage 3, and just wanted to say that its brilliant! Thank you so much for all of your help and advice, and I hope you continue to help many many more in my situation!

Excellent course, well structured and executed. Gave me that extra 10 or 20 percent and as a result I got my first choice hospital so many thanks indeed and keep up the good work

Many thanks for organising such a great course. I didn't have much practice at role plays apart from with you (I was in Richard's group) but it gave me a lot of confidence and I managed to get my first choice in the London Deanery.

Thank you very much for your excellent GPST stage 3 course. It was really well run and very useful. I managed to get my first choice GP placement, Epsom in the KSS deanery so I am very happy.
Just wanted to let you know that I was successful! I got offered my first preference on KSS  - Dartford and I am over the moon!!! Just wanted to thank you again and all the team for the invaluable and well run course, and I most definitely will be recommending it to future GP applicants!

I found your course helpful and managed to secure a GP training place in my first choice hospital in Kent. Thanks
I attended my stage 3 in Oxford yesterday.  I felt the process went well and am definitely glad I attended your course. For me having gone through core surgery in London, the GP recruitment process couldn't have been more different.  Had I not attended your course I would have really struggled with the stage 3 process. I ran out of time for the mock written exam on your course but managed to be in time for the actual assessment.  I had an excellent GP facilitator for the afternoon consultations - I have forgotten her name I'm afraid but she was fantastic!  Really helpful and gave me lots of constructive criticism/advice which I think made my performance yesterday definitely more comfortable. Thanks again for taking the time to run a well-organised and useful course.

Thanks for the brilliant course. I have been successful and got my first choice of selection at Warwick and Coventry.

Just wanted to let you know I got London Deanery and wanted to thank you very much for your help and suggestions.

I am so pleased to inform you that I've been selected by the GP recruitment team for the training programme. Thanks a lot for the course it really helped me. I'll definitely recommend this course to others.


What the Hammersmith Medicine GP Stage 3 course provides:

  • A ‘masterclass’ on examination technique.
  • An extremely high ratio of staff to candidates (1:2).
  • Mock examinations.
  • Simulation of the real GP selection centre experience.
  • Small group teaching in individual rooms.
  • A structure to practice and progress.

What the Hammersmith Medicine GP Stage 3 course does NOT provide:

  • A basic introduction to consultations and communication skills.
  • Irrelevant information (No time wasted on QOF, hot topics, group exercises etc).
  • Tutorials run by people with no personal experience of the process.
  • A boring or relaxing day!! (it is fully interactive...).


Course Programme

08:30 Coffee and registration
09:00 Introduction and outline of the GP selection centre process
09:30 Written prioritisation exercise – how to score highly
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Mock examination
11:45 Simulated scenario demonstrations
  • Simulated consultations with patients
  • Simulated scenarios with non-medical colleagues
  • Simulated scenarios with patient’s relatives or carers
12:45 Lunch
13:30 Small group work (maximum of 5 candidates in each group with actor and tutor), simulated scenarios and mock examinations
17:45 Close and questions
18:00 End


Hammersmith Medicine Course Faculty

Dr Richard Hughes
Richard Hughes graduated from Nottingham University and completed his vocational training on the Chelsea & Westminster


scheme (Riverside) after a successful selection centre experience! He has a broad interest in undergraduate and postgraduate education. He is a clinical methods tutor and current examiner for the Imperial College undergraduate examinations.

He has a particular focus on improving candidate’s examination techniques to improve on-the-day performance with great success steering numerous candidates to achieve their first choice GP rotation over the past three years.

Dr Shivani Tanna
Shivani Tanna is a prize-winning Imperial College London graduate who is currently working in Chelsea, London.


She successfully gained a place on the Chelsea and Westminster (Riverside) GPVTS in London after tuition from Dr Richard Hughes!

She has successfully tutored trainees who gained their first choice rotations through the GP selection centre process.

This highly praised and accomplished medical educator enjoys teaching Imperial College London undergraduates clinical methods, ethics, and professional development. Her academic interests are clinical communication and selection. She has published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Clinical Epidemiology, and BMJ Careers, and presented data at the Society of Academic Primary Care (SAPC) Conference and at the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ASGBI) Meeting.


Course Handbook
On the day of the course you will be given a comprehensive course handbook. This is over 60 pages and not only includes the course material but also:

  • A detailed knowledge section 
  • Mark scheme examples
  • Top tips
  • Example role plays to practice after the course
  • Model answers for the written prioritisation exercise
  • Shivani & Richard’s contact details in case you have any question in the days leading up to the course (previous candidates have found this extremely useful)


Are there a number of tutors teaching the course at the same time?

There are two tutors who run the morning session. This involves an interactive lecture on each aspect of the selection centre (including the new scenarios). There are examples of these simulated scenarios within these sessions. There is a mock written prioritisation exercise after this. The afternoon is run by more tutors who facilitate the small group teaching.
What is the maximum number of students per course?
There is one tutor, one actor and up to 4 candidates in each consulting room. You are not taught in groups of more than this.
How much time is devoted to practising role-play scenarios on the course?
The afternoon session (1.30pm to 5.30pm) is dedicated to practising the role-plays where you are given written feedback on each one by your tutor.

How many role-play scenarios does each candidate get to practice with the actor?
Each candidate practises 3 scenarios and everyone gets to do one with a patient, a healthcare professional and a relative. Having practised your three scenarios and watched your colleagues perform theirs, you will have experienced and discussed approximately 12 DIFFERENT scenarios by the end of the day.

Has the course been updated this year in line with the new assessment?
This course is fully updated for the new format. By the end of the day you will have carried out each element (written and 3 simulations). This replicates the experience you can expect at the selection centre, and you are given detailed individual feedback.


Dear Shivani and Richard, To let you know that I got my first choice placement.

Just a 'Thank you' is really an understatement. If it wasn't for your coaching I would have been more than a bit lost. I honestly can't believe how much you covered in that one day, and told me all that I needed to know to get a place. At the selection centre I felt that I really did well at all the consulting tasks. I practiced all what we did on the course and as Richard said tried to visualize everything so there will not be any surprises. And it really worked. So, thank you very much for all your help.

This is the best course I have been to by far. The facilitators really recognized what is needed to pass GP Stage 3 - the opportunity to practice many consultations in small groups with real actors in an exam environment along with constructive feedback from a tutor is priceless. Focused interactive teaching and helpful hints for the written prioritization task helped immensely, in comparison to other lecture-based courses I went to.  I gained the confidence to pass the exam - and secured my first choice job! I have recommended this to my friends and will continue to do so!

Really, really useful to have so much individual feedback on all aspects of exam – written and consultations. Much better than other courses – advertise 4 hours of 4 to 1 group time!!  Lots of practice – mock exam, consultations – no irrelevant stuff at all – you couldn’t improve this course!!

Brilliant course, brilliant advice on prioritisation exercise. Particularly liked small groups of 3 practising scenarios, one to one feedback and at least four scenarios with actor for each person.  You couldn’t improve this course – I would definitely recommend it!

I think this course is brilliant. Practice, feedback, consultation practice and examples of answers for written exercise were all helpful . It helps with mind set; practice and knowledge. Very encouraging and I particularly liked the (small group) practice sessions.

We are very excited about our new book! GPST Stage 3 – Written and Simulated exercises
by Dr Richard Hughes and Dr Shivani Tanna

"Highly Commended" by the BMA.

Buy the book


Our GP Stage 3 course is a small bespoke course
with a focus on quality and participation and so places are strictly limited.
Dr Richard Hughes
Dr Shivani Tanna



Very well structured course, excellent teachers.

Great tools to take away and work with by yourself.

I particularly like the suggested structure and mnemonic for the written prioritisation task. The individual feedback for role play scenarios was really helpful.

A very insightful and useful course, full of lots of practical scenarios which I needed. Great tips and hints.

I would definitely recommend this to others. It is an excellent course.
Very good course

I liked everything about the course!

The course helped me in my approach to the written exercise. The lectures and clinical scenarios were really useful.

Organised, friendly, great examples and opportunities to ask questions.

This course helped me understand the process better and feel more prepared. I particularly liked the discussions and the written prioritisation was excellent.

I really enjoyed the afternoon small groups and mock written prioritisation.

I particularly liked the one to one feedback.

This course helped by giving key phrases and structure for the prioritisation task." more


Refund Policy

If you are unsuccessful at GP Stage 2 please send us a copy of your GP recruitment email so that we can refund you less £20 to cover admin costs and bank charges.

If you cancel for any other reason we will refund you within 4 weeks less £20 to cover admin costs and bank charges.

However, if you cancel within 72 hours of the course, and we cannot fill your place, we reserve the right to charge a 100% fee.

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